We have been part of the logistics & supply chain industry for the past 35 years, with every year that has passed we have been increasing our logistics & supply chain network at an increasing rate Globally. Today several well known national & international brands are trusting us to have their logistics become responsive & their supply chain flow seamlessly.

Our customers choose PTN because we have spread our network throughout the world & have developed a deep understanding & track record of solutions provided to our customers ranging from different sectors & geographies.

We are the only company in Pakistan that have been adopting several innovative & technological ways to improve our service, so that you can enjoy  cost efficient, fast & responsive service.

Our teams work closely with you, to ensure that your supply chain flows smoothly & completes its cycle within the given time. Our team comprises of individuals equipped with the wealth of logistics and supply chain expertise, that support you & help you navigate through the world of complex logistics & supply chain.

At PTN we can adopt to your logistics needs, by designing integrated supply chain solutions that will help your business grow.
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